Russian exhibitor Rising Star Media, a joint venture betweenNational Amusements and Paul B Heth's Moscow-based Soquel Ventures, hasfinalised leases with leading Russian shopping centre operator Ikea Mega toopen KinoStar multiplexes at Mega Belaya Dacha in Moscow and Mega Dybenko in StPetersburg.

Both locations are scheduled to open in November 2007. TheMega Belya Dacha theatre will house 16 screens, 4,200 seats and will occupy nearly10,000 sq m of space, while Mega Dybenko will house 10 screens, 2,575 seats,and will occupy 6000 sq m of space.

The new KinoStar locations are the third and fourth multiplexesRising Star will have with Mega. Rising Star has two Moscow sites up and runningin Mega Teply Stan and Mega Khimki.

Rising Star Media has several other sites in active development inboth the Moscow and St Petersburg markets. In spring 2007 the company will open its first RussianKinoStar City entertainment complex in Raduaga, St Petersburg.

"We are very pleased to continue our long standing and close relationshipwith Ikea Mega," Shari E Redstone, president of National Amusements andchairman and chief executive officer of Rising Star Media, said.

"IkeaMega's management is superb, providing us with the reliable platform we need toreally showcase our luxury cinemas to our Russian patrons. We are lookingforward to working with Ikea Mega on these and other projects."