Russian directing duo Boris Chlebnikov and AlexeiPopogrebsky's Roads To Koktebel picked up the Euros 10,000 Best FilmAward at this year's goEast Festival of Central and East European Film whichclosed with an awards ceremony in Wiesbaden on Tuesday night (April 28).

The international jury chose this film, which has also beenselected by FIPRESCI to screen at the Critics Week in Cannes next month,"for its fresh and emotional approach recreating an artistic tradition ofhuman story-telling" and presented the Euros 7,500 Best Director Award toHungary's Benedek Fliegauf for Dealer, describing it as "a preciseand expressive artistic description of an extreme human experience in themodern world."

Honourable mentions went to Leszek David's documentary ABar At Victoria Station, Alexei German Jr.'s The Last Train andGennadi Sidorov's Old Women, while the Euros 10,000 Documentary Award ofthe Hertie Foundation went to Bulgaria's Stephan Komanderev for Alphabet OfHope (Azbuka Na Nadezhdata).

Meanwhile, the FIPRESCI Prize was awarded to Polishactor-director Jerzy Stuhr for Tomorrow's Weather (Pogoda Na Jutro).

The festival organisers were well pleased with the rise inadmissions from 2003's 5,700 to 6,500 for the fourth edition, with the newfestival director Christine Kopf noting just four days from the EU enlargementthat "goEast has again given us a taste of the diverse impulses we canexpect to emerge from the East."