Distributor Roadshow haslost its appeal against the R18+ rating handed down three weeks ago to localhorror picture Wolf Creek, which it releases in cinemas on November 3.

It was a unanimous decision madeby the three-member panel of the Classification Review Board and the deputyconvenor of the board.

Former memberof parliament Trevor Griffin said: "Unlike typical horror movies, Wolf Creek does not employ the usual tension-releasing devices,nor the stylised approaches to depictions of violence, instead striving for atone of realism that takes it out of the realm of fantasy. This very realistictone results in a film of high impact."

The decision means personsaged under 18 years cannot be admitted to the film, which will carry theconsumer warning: "High-level realistic violence, strong coarse language."

Wolf Creek is tippedto be the local commercial hit film of the year, although Australia is not as enamoured with horror as some othermarkets such as the US. The film is about a crazed man in the Australianoutback who terrorises tourists.

The creative team behind thefilm have the support of The Weinstein Co to next make Rogue, in which agiant crocodile terrorises tourists in the Australian outback (Screendaily,September 11).