Australian distributor Roadshow trounced the opposition at the annual Australian box office awards taking the gold prize for Lord Of The Rings, which attracted A$47m in ticket sales, as well as the honours for the most number of films to gross over A$10m.

Roadshow's seven films, out of a total of 24 in competition, together grossed nearly A$168m. Lord Of The Rings - the third biggest Australian film ever after Titanic (A$57m) and Crocodile Dundee - was also acknowledged for its success in its home territory of New Zealand, where it grossed A$14.5m to become the biggest hit ever.

Lantana, jointly distributed by Palace and Beyond Films, was the only Australian-made film in the group.

An additional award was given to distributor Dendy for Amelie, which grossed A$7m - understood to be the highest per capita gross outside France - which was the biggest grossing foreign language film.

Films that grossed over A$10m in the last 12 months by distributor:


The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Rings, $25.6m (A$47m)
Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone $22.9 (A$42m)
Oceans Eleven $12m (A$22m)
Scooby Doo $9.3m (A$17m)
Cats & Dogs $9.3m (A$17m)
Rush Hour 2 $7m (A$13m)
Chocolat $5.45m (A$10m)

Twentieth Century Fox:

Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones $18.5m (A$34m)
Ice Age $11m (A$20m)
Minority Report $6.5m (A$12m)
Planet Of The Apes $6m (A$11m)
Legally Blonde $6m (A$11m)
Dr Dolittle 2 $5.6m (A$10m)

A Beautiful Mind $11m (A$20m)
American Pie II $7.1m (A$13m)
Jurassic Park III $6m (A$11m)
The Fast And The Furious $5.6m (A$10m)

Columbia Tristar:
Spiderman $17m (A$31m)
Men In Black 2 $8.7m (A$16m)
Panic Room $6m (A$11)
Black Hawk Down $6m (A$11m)

Monsters Inc $13.6m (A$25m)
The Others $5.5m (A$10m)

Lantana $6.5m (A$12m)