Ending a 30-year relationship, Robert Beeson has stepped down as Managing Director of UK distribution company, Artificial Eye.
His decision to leave follows on from the acquisition of Artificial Eye in the summer of 2006 by Act Entertainment Group, owner of Curzon Cinemas, and Knatchbull Communications Group.

'With the changes in the marketplace and the opportunities that creates, Curzon Artificial Eye has made the decision to restructure the group and focus on the areas of sales, marketing and acquisitions separately,' commented Philip Knatchbull, CEO of the Curzon Artificial Eye Group.
He continued: 'After overseeing the transition of ownership of Artificial Eye 12 months ago, Robert Beeson sees this restructuring as an opportune time to step down after 30 years with Artificial Eye.
'My partner Roger Wingate and I are tremendously grateful for the work that Robert has put in over the last 15 months, since we bought the company. Robert has left on very amicable terms but we are clearly saddened by his departure.'

Beeson's decision to leave the company comes in a period when Artificial Eye has been acquiring titles as voraciously as at any time in recent memory. Recent pick-ups he has overseen include Palme D'Or winner 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days.

'We will continue legacy by buying the best in world cinema for an increasingly large audience,' said Knatchbull.

Artificial Eye was originally founded by Pam Engel and Andi Engel (who died last December) in the mid-1970s.
Pam Engel, who has been a consultant to the company since last year's takeover, is also to leave.