FoxInternational's I, Robot looks set to continue its international dominance this weekendthrough major debuts in Germany, the UK, Brazil and Russia.

The sci-fi thriller, which has amassed $35.2m to date,opens in Germany and Russia on Aug 5 on 925 and 302 prints respectively, the UKon Aug 6 on 750, and Brazil the same day on 300.

Fox executiveswill be looking to Will Smith's strong international appeal for strong debuts.

By way ofcomparison, Men In Black II opened number one in all four markets in July-August 2002. Itgrossed $11.2 on 1,166 screens in Germany, $8.4m on 889 in the UK, $1.6m in 379theatres in Brazil, and $1.9m on 150 screens in Russia.

FoxInternational opens comedy The Girl Next Door in Spain on Aug 6 on 250 prints (thepicture has grossed $5.9m to date) and the drama Man On Fire in Australia on Aug 5 on 262.

Latest figuresfor the live action adaptation of Garfield put the comedy on a $21.2m international running total.

Buena VistaInternational (BVI) continues to roll out the action epic King Arthur and executives will be expecting strongopenings in France on Aug 4 and Mexico on Aug 6. The picture has grossed $32mto date.

The animatedfeature Home On The Range, currently on an $11.4m international running total, goes outthrough BVI in Spain and South Korea on Aug 6 and Taiwan a day later.

Sony's romanticcomedy 13 Going On 30gets its first major push outside of the US with debuts through ColumbiaTriStar Film Distributors International (CTFDI) in Spain, the UK and Mexico onAug 6 on 400, 240 and 180 prints respectively.

Spider-Man 2, currently on $309.5m at theinternational box office, opened in China through CTFDI on Aug 4 on a wide 300prints.

The comic book adaptation is the first US title to open inChina following the summer moratorium on Hollywood pictures.

The comedy WhiteChicks gets its firstinternational opening when it goes out through CTFDI in Australia on Aug 5 on180 prints.

Universal will release the live action adventure Thunderbirds through UIP in Mexico on Aug 6 on 225 prints and inJapan a day later on 510, a week ahead of the annual Ubon holidays that run from Aug 12-15. The picture has grossed $5.9m from international markets todate.

Japan will be abusy market for UIP this weekend as the distributor opens drama Mona LisaSmile, a pick-up byUniversal from Revolution Studios, on 150 prints on Aug 7. Universal's TheChronicles Of Riddickopens in Japan through Toshiba on Aug 7 on an estimated 400 prints. The actionthriller has amassed $6.9m to date.

Other UIPreleases include the DreamWorks' comedy Win A Date With Tad Hamilton in France on Aug 4, Paramount's drama AgainstThe Ropes in Australiaon Aug 5, the DreamWorks' comedy Eurotrip in Italy on Aug 6, and Paramount's remake of TheStepford Wives in Spainon the same day.

Latest figuresfrom Warner Bros put Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban on a $480.6m international running totaland Troy on $356.1m.