Fox International's Robots grossed an estimated $10.8m over the weekend on 5,900screens, raising the animated family title's international running total to$69.2m.

Robotsopened number one in Taiwan on $562,000 on 166 screens, and stayed top in itssecond weekend in Australia after a $1.4m haul on 387 screens raised the totalthere to $4.7m, which is roughly the same level as 2002's Ice Age.

In second weekend holdovers,the Blue Sky/Fox release added $654,000 on 511 in Italy for $2.7m, $309,000 on121 in Belgium for $921,000, $175,000 on 110 in Argentina for $550,000, and$104,000 on 131 in Holland for $681,000.

The picture added $1.9m from 488 venues in its third weekend inthe UK, where it ranked fourth on $16m. Spain produced $1.2m on 425 screens for$7.8m after the same amount of time.

Germany, where Robots has not performed as well as expected due to several factorsincluding good weather, added just over $1m on 858 screens in its third weekendfor $7.3m. Brazil added $437,000 on 375 for $2.5m and third place, while Swedenranked number one after a $179,000 haul on 118 for $1.1m - both in their thirdweekends.

Mexico added $664,000 on 561 in its fourth weekend for animpressive $9.1m running total, which already ranks it as one of the biggestanimated releases of all time in the territory.

The caper sequel Be Cool grossed $1.8m on 809 screens in 14 territories for an early$5.8m international cumulative total. A trio of decent launches yielded$994,000 on 321 screens in Germany, $208,000 on 43 in Holland for third place,and $147,000 on 35 in Austria.

In its second weekend, the picture expanded wide in the UK to add$2.1m in 337 venues for a $2.2m running total, and took $433,000 on 371 screensin France for $1.8m.

The thriller Hide And Seek grossed just over $1m on 761 screens for $50.5m.

Following an impressive $10m week Sony Pictures Releasing's Hitch added a further $10.6m on 4,500international prints and is expected to pass $150m on Tuesday after raising itsinternational cumulative total to $148m.

Highlights were $2.2m afterfour weekends for $26.9m in the UK, which is creeping up on Germany as thepicture's highest grossing territory. Germany added $1.8m in its fifth weekendfor $30.1m.

The relationship drama Closer currently stands at $76m and still has Japan to open.

Warner Bros Pictures International's comedy sequel MissCongeniality 2: Armed And Fabulous added an estimated $7.4m on 2,697screens in 24 countries to raise its international running total to $24m.

The picture opened on $447,000 including previews in South Korea,$458,700 on 133 prints in Brazil, $288,700 on 57 in Thailand for second place,and $118,000 on 40 in Sweden.

Second weekend holdovers produced $1.3m in 380 venues in the UKfor a running total there of $6.1m, $1.1m on 295 prints in Australia for $3.9m,$784,100 on 617 in Germany for $3.5m, and $537,0000 in Spain on 252 for $2m.

The supernatural thriller Constantine added $5.2m for a $117.8m internationalrunning total, fuelled by a $1.8m second place opening in Russia including previews. It added $958,000 from 347 venues in its third weekend in the UK for $10.4m

National Treasure became Nic Cage and Jerry Bruckheimer's biggest global hitpicture of all time this weekend as it reached $335.8m to pass the previousbest of $335.1m held by The Rock.

The adventure added $2.1m toraise its international running total to $164.6m, distinguished by a thirdsuccessive weekend at the top in China, where it added $520,000 for $3.4m. Thepicture added $1.2m in its third weekend in Japan for $12.5m.

Family title The Pacifier added $1.2m for an early $3.7m international cumulativetotal. Highlights were a $690,000 fourth weekend from two states in Australiathat produced a 12% climb despite no expansion for $1.9m. The picture ranksfourth and will expand wide next weekend.

The Pacifier opened number one in the Philippines on $450,000 for Disney'ssecond biggest live action debut of all time behind National Treasure. Pooh's Heffalump Movie added $2m for an $18m internationalrunning total.

Focus Features' remake Assault On Precinct 13 opened in sixth place in Australiathrough UIP on $430,000 in 119 theatres. The picture also opened in Mexico,grossing $220,000 in 201, while Spain raised its running total after threeweekends to $1.7m. Overall the thriller has amassed $2.4m.

The horror title Boogeyman, which UIP picked up for Germany, Austria and the UK, ranksnumber eight in its third weekend in Germany after a $120,000 haul from 186venues raised the total there to $1.3m. Boogeyman has grossed $4.1m after five weekends inthe UK and $128,000 after three in Austria. The picture's international runningtotal stands at $5.5m.

Universal/Working Title's romantic comedy sequel Bridget Jones:The Edge Of Reason hastaken $199m through all UIP markets to date ($214m including France) and shouldpass $200m when second weekend figures from Japan become available this week.

Biopic Ray added $700,000 from 13 territories through UIP for an impressive$43.1m international running total. The worldwide total stands at $118m.

The Irish-themedcomedy-drama Mickybo And Me added $90,000 in 28 venues in its second weekend in Eire throughUIP, raising the total there to $153,000.