RoguePictures has picked up worldwide rights to James Cameron's upcoming andas-yet-untitled 3-D cave diving thriller.

Thestudio is producing with Cameron's Earthship Productions, which the filmmakerset up to advancing his underwater expeditions and documentary work.

GaryJohnstone will direct from a script by John Garvin. Cameron and Rogue willdevelop the script and the project is currently out to casting.

Thepicture will be filmed in actual caves in Mexico and Papua New Guinea using therevolutionary 3-D Fusion camera system Cameron developed with Vince Pace, whichwill allow simultaneous release in conventional 2-D theatres and those equippedfor digital 3-D.

Thestory will centre on a group of divers including a father and son that becomeslost deep below sea level.

AndrewWight, who has served as producer and expedition leader on all Earthshipproductions to date, will produce with Cameron. Johnstone directed the EmmyAward-winning telefilm Expedition: Bismarck with Cameron.

"Earthshipis a small guerrilla group that has proven itself capable of efficientproduction under the most intense conditions anywhere in the world,"Cameron said. "Expanding its mission statement to include features seemeda natural evolution. We decided to make a gritty, expedition-themed film usingthe 3-D cameras and techniques that we've developed."

"Theadvances that James Cameron has made with this technology and with underwatercapabilities are groundbreaking," Rogue co-presidents Andrew Karpen andAndrew Rona added. "This film will transport audiences into an underseaadventure charged with wonder and thrills."

Roguesenior vice president of production Adrienne Biddle is supervising the projectfor the studio.