Romanian production company Silver Bullet Film has opened a London office as part of a move to lure UK productions to shoot in the country.

Silver Bullet Film was founded by cinematographer Viorel Sergovici who has shot more than thirty film features and over 150 commercials. His recent credits include the feature films Taboo, starring Nick Stahl, and Straight Into Darkness starring David Warner.

Silver Bullet aims to make it easier for UK producers to take advantage of the facilities, competitive prices and locations in Bucharest and other Romanian settings.

The London office will be fronted by Gerry Buckland, who has had extensive experience working in the Romanian TV market. Former Chrysalis Television Entertainment chief executive Mick Pilsworth is also set to join the company as a non-executive director.

"Our prices and quality are among the best in Europe", said Buckland. "Now we want to bring more projects to Romania. Producers who have previously worked in Budapest and Prague have been impressed with the top quality and competitive costs of Silver Bullet facilities in Bucharest.

He added that Bucharest was "at least 25% cheaper than Prague."

Recent productions made in Romania include Anthony Minghella's Cold Mountain and ITV drama Boudica.