Danny Rosett hasbeen named president of United Artists in a move that had been widely expectedfollowing the departure in January of Bingham Ray.

Rosett most recently served as executive vice president ofmarketing and distribution for MGM Studios, which included overseeing worldwidebusiness operations for the specialty unit UA, and will report to MGM vicechairman and chief operating officer Chris McGurk.

The move coincides with restructuring of MGM's internationaltheatrical distribution unit, which will now fall under the purview of MGM'shome entertainment group president David Bishop.

The unit will be headed by Ian Sutherland, who remains senior vicepresident of international theatrical distribution and will report to Bishop.

The realignment follows MGM's recent efforts to claw back controlof its international distribution operation and is designed to enhance thepartnership with the home entertainment division and MGM's internationaltheatrical releasing partner Fox International.

Rosett has held a number of senior posts since joining the groupin 1994 and recently served as UA production executive in charge of the horrorpictures Jeepers Creepers and Jeepers Creepers 2.

He was also UA production executive on the upcoming teen comedy Saved!and the Cole Porter musical biopic De-Lovely, which is scheduled toclose Cannes on May 22.

Prior to MGM/UA Rosett worked at the Walt Co as executive directorof studio operations.