This year’s Danish rock festival Roskilde will be hosting a two-theatre cinema programme.

The programme has been developed in cooperation with DR2 Dokumania, FUTURE SHORTS, Discovery Channel, Husets Biograf and the film festivals CPH PIX and CPH:DOX.

Danish premieres include A Somewhat Gentle Man; Gentleman Broncos; and Easy Money (Snabba Cash).

Also of special note is This Rockin’ Globe, about the early years of Roskilde.

Films screening include All Tomorrow’s Parties; The Red Chapel, The Godmother of Punk; This Is It; A Town Called Panic; Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans; The Cove; Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee; Youth In Revolt; and controversial The Human Centipede; Anvil! The Story of Anvil; The Hangover; and Zombieland.

Roskilde will boast the largest theatrical tent in Scandinavia, with 800 seats in a light-proof tent. Also, the Malaco Lounge will show cult-classic 16mm cinema.

Roskilde Cinema is100% digital and most films are screened in full HD.

All films are either in English or are English-subtitled.