EXCLUSIVE: Filip Jan Rymsza and Liz Federowicz of LA-based Royal Road Entertainment are here talking up the $5m thriller A Girl And A Gun, which they are producing with former HandMade Films evp of production Thomas D Adelman.

Rymsza is directing from his screenplay about an aspiring producer who saves a beautiful woman from a gang of adolescent boys and soon discovers there is more to her than meets the eye.

The project is set to shoot in September in LA with support from the California Film Commission’s tax credit system and the producers are out to cast.

“The story is loosely based on a producer I met when I first moved out to Los Angeles,” Rymsza said. “I applied the genre’s simples formula - as Godard once said, ‘All you need for a movie is a girl and a gun’ - which became the story’s context and then, subsequently, its title.”

“A little luck was needed,” Federowicz said. “Without the California Film Commission’s tax credit, which is allocated through a lottery, we would have been forced to shoot elsewhere, at the cost of many of the film’s iconic locations, not to mentioned the best cast and crew in the world.”

Rymsza and Federowicz founded Royal Road in 2010 to acquire, develop, finance and produce properties for the global market, with a strong emphasis on co-production and government subsidies.