Gary Rubin's FirstIndependent Pictures has signed a multi-year distribution agreement with VisualEntertainment, a Universal Music Group division set up to distributeindependent features on DVD and video in the US.

The slate kicks off withHuck Botko and Andre Gurland's comedy Mail Order Wife, Gary Sinyor's comedy Bob The Butler starring Tom Green, and Greg Whiteley's New YorkDolls documentary New York Doll.

"Gary is one the mostastute acquisition executives in the industry," Visual Entertainmentgeneral manager Tom O'Malley said. "We are thrilled to be in a position to takeFirst Independent to the next level."

"The combined talents of theVisual Entertainment team make me proud to be in business with them," Rubinadded.

Veteran entertainmentexecutive Stuart Snyder worked closely with First Independent Pictures innegotiating the agreement with Visual Entertainment.

Rubin, formerly executivevice president of Artisan Entertainment, set up First Independent Pictures inFebruary 2004, and aims to release five to eight titles each year on theatricaland straight-to-DVD platforms.