Raoul Ruiz's homage to the artist Gustav Klimt willbegin shooting on January 4 in Vienna.

Klimt stars JohnMalkovich, Veronica Ferres, Stephen Dillane and Nikolai Kinski. The leadproducer of the co-production involving four different countries is Dieter Pochlatkoof EPO-FILM.

Ruiz, who wrote the script and will direct, commented:"I see this film as a waltz. More specifically Ravel's La Valse,which swells to a climax in a manner similar to funeral music, then fallssuddenly in an almost mad collapse. Asked to describe this film in two words, Iwould say delirium and delight."

The film will also shoot on locations in Germany and France.

Backers include the Austrian Film Institute , ORF, NRWFilmstiftung, MediaFonds1 / Degeto, Arsenal Filmverleih, Eurimages andsale-and-lease-back financing through the UK's Scion Films, London.