Two of Australia's most internationally acclaimed actors, Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis, will be acting alongside each other as husband and wife when shooting starts next week in Queensland on the family drama Swimming Upstream.

Australian-born Russell Mulcahy is the director and Howard and Karen Baldwin, and Australia's Andrew Mason, are producing. Paul Pompian is the executive producer. The film will be released in the US through Crusader's classics division.

Anthony Fingleton adapted his own autobiographical novel about his struggle to become an Olympic swimmer in Brisbane in the 1950s and will be played by actor Jesse Spencer. Rush and Davis play his overbearing alcoholic father and long-suffering mother. As his older and younger brothers will be David Hoflin and Tim Draxl.

Rush and Davis last appeared in an Australian film together in 1995 in the box office disappointment A Little Bit Of Soul. Davis is currently starring alongside Billy Connolly in what is Australia's most popular film right now, The Man Who Sued God. She has just won the Emmy for best actress for her role in the US miniseries Life with Judy Garland: Me And My Shadows.