Russian action star and producer Alexander Nevsky is opening his own production outfit Hollywood Storm in Los Angeles. The move is directly inspired by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's efforts to boost film production in the state.

Nevsky's previous films Moscow Heat and Treasure Raiders were both produced entirely in Russia in the English language. The former was a sizable hit in Russia and the latter opens in Russia and other eastern European territories in the autumn.

'I was the first Russian actor/writer/producer who was shooting movies in English and with American cast and crew in Moscow,' said Nevsky. 'Now it's time for me be to become the first Russian who will produce major films in Hollywood.'

First projects in development at Hollywood Storm are The Black Rose and Magic Man, both of which will be budgeted in the $5m to $7m range. The films will be shot in English and dubbed into Russian for the Russian release. Brent Huff, who directed Nevsky in Treasure Raiders, is attached to direct Magic Man.