Russian World Studios has announced that its St. Petersburg studio has started construction on a Dolby Premier studio.

The distinction is given by Dolby to studios meeting strict criteria of technical excellence and so far only six studios in the world have qualified for it.

Speaking in Cannes, Russian World Studios CEO Yuri Sapronov said: “Russian World Studios St. Petersburg is the first purpose-built Russian film studio in 60 years, and we want it to reflect all current technology available. By becoming a Dolby Premier studio, we will be able to produce films to an even higher quality standard, and also provide this same expert technology to the projects we service.”

Other features included in this second stage of construction at Russian World Studios’ St. Petersburg studio are a special effects studio and film processing lab.

Russian World Studios was founded in 1998 and is one of the largest film and television production companies in the Russian market. The RWS Distribution Department, which sells film and TV series rights on the international market, was formed in 2005.