Hotel Rwanda and Innocent Voices will share the Producers Guild of America's (PGA)2005 Stanley Kramer Award honouring work that highlights provocative socialissues.

Hotel Rwanda producers A Kitman Ho and Terry George and InnocentVoices producers Lawrence Bender,Luis Mandoki and Alejandro Soberon will accept the honour at the PGA Awards onJan 22.

"This year's joint honorees,Hotel Rwanda and InnocentVoices, embody the values of StanleyKramer's filmmaking on a global scale," PGA Awards co-chairs Stacey Sher andLauren Shuler Donner said in a statement.

"These movies are inspiringstories of people, families and nations torn apart by political fighting andspeak to the human dignity inherent in all of us."

Hotel Rwanda stars Don Cheadle and won the Toronto People'sChoice Award for its depiction of the true story of hotel manager PaulRusesabagina, who sheltered more than 1,000 refugees from ethnic slaughter inthe West African country.

'Forty years agoStanley Kramer's Genocide masterpiece Judgement At Nuremberg moved and enraged audiences around the world,"George, who also directed the picture, said. "It is a great honour for HotelRwanda to receive the award thatbears his name."

Mandoki's Innocent Voices is based on the true story of the El Salvador civilwar in the 1980s when children as young as 12 were forcibly conscripted.

"As we were making thismovie, we realised that we not only wanted to make a great film but that thisstory could bring awareness to the problem that there are more than 300,000children worldwide who are currently fighting in wars," Bender said.

"It was the vision ofStanley Kramer to bring social relevance to his films, and we could not be morehonoured to receive an award with his name on it."

The PGA will also honourJeffrey Katzenberg with the Milestone Award, Laura Ziskin with the David OSelznick Achievement Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures and Terry Semel withthe Vanguard Award.