Puchon’s Network of Asian Fantastic Film (NAFF) wrapped today with the top Bucheon Award going to Ted Chung’s project Safebreaker.

NAFF organisers also announced that a record total of 314 project meetings took place during the event’s four-day run.

It Project jury members Brian Cox, Philip Lee, Jade Lee and Cassie Yoo met with each of the 25 project teams to evaluate, give feedback and award prizes.

“This year’s selections featured strong director’s visions and screenplays. We chose to present awards to projects with the most developed idea and consistencies from beginning to the end, also reflecting the director’s clear view on how to execute such views most effectively,” said Cox, who was the jury head.

The Bucheon Award comes with a $13,000 (KW15m) cash prize.

Tony Kern’s project Afterimages won the NAFF award which comes with a KW10m prize. Billy Christian’s Blue Blood took the It Project award with the same amount. Jang Cheolsoo’s Service For People won the KBAS award with KW5m.

Cho Changyeol’s The Weirdo From Mars and Sidharth Srinivasan’s The Profane tied for the Moneff award which comes with post-production support. Cho also took the Cinemate award while Srinivasan also won the Lead Sound award.

NAFF held forums on crowd-funding, One-Source-Multi-Use (OSMU) possibilities for content and fantastic sci-fi.