Exactly one yearafter the launch of its Global Rule One initiative to protect member'scontractual rights on worldwide productions, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)today (May 1) hailed the plan a success.

The guild saidthat since the launch there have been more than 100 foreign theatricalproductions shot under SAG terms that may not have fallen under signatoryagreements in the absence of the rule.

Global Rule Onewas designed to afford members the benefits of collective bargaining forcontractual terms comparable to SAG agreements on US productions.

These includestandard conditions on pay, working hours, health and safety agreements andother conditions that the guild says have been abused in the past on non-USproductions.

'It isvery exciting to witness solidarity at work,' Suzanne Cryer, the chair ofSAG's Global Rule One committee, said in a statement.

'Buildingon the great work of the Global Rule One outreach campaign led by co-chairs TomBower and Karen Austin, SAG members continue to display true unionism andstrength in changing an established industry practice.'

The breakdown offoreign productions includes 60 in Canada, 12 in the UK, and more than 30elsewhere, including the Czech Republic, China, South Africa, Ireland andIndia.