MichaelMcGowan's Saint Ralphwon the L'Arc D'or (The Grand Arc Award) at the Festival ParisIsland-of-France, formerly the Paris Film Festival, at the weekend.

The special jury prize wentto Fernando Eimbcke's Mexican comedy Temporada Of Patos, while Gol Gothai won the best female acting prizefor Marzieh Meshkini's post-Taliban drama Stray Dogs, and Alexandre Brasseur won the corresponding maleaward for Chrystel Amsalem's romantic comedy When The Angels Pass.

Saint Ralph centres on a boy who needs to win theBoston Marathon to save his ailing mother and stars Adam Butcher, CampbellScott, Shauna MacDonald and Jennifer Tilly.

It is due toopen in New York and Los Angeles on Jun 10 through Samuel Goldwyn Films.