In the run-up toAFM, Nordisk has closed deals on several titles that screened on the autumnfestival circuit.

Finnish foreignlanguage Oscar contender (and Toronto official selection) Mother Of Mine has sold to Eurocine for Spain andPortugal and Cine Video y Television for Mexico, with France in negotiations.

Market premiere Murk, a psychological thriller that showed atthe Edinburgh festival in August, has been sold to MFA for Germany and Austria.

Venice Dayscontender Next Doorby Pal Sletaune (Junkmail) has now gone to Eurocine for Spain and Portugal, PacificEntertainment for Thailand and Malaysia, Festive Films for Singapore, CineVideo y Television for Mexico, ANS for Turkey, Zeemer Int. - Brazil, Tantra dmpc - Poland,Rosebud - Greece and Cyprus

I'm The AngelOf Death, the thirdinstalment in Nicolas Winding Refn's Pusher trilogy, has been taken by A Film forBenelux, Ninety Seven for France Galileo for German Speaking Europe, andEurocine for Spain and Portugal

Here in SantaMonica, Nordisk will be screening a promo of thriller Johnny Was, starring Vinnie Jones and PatrickBergin and with appearances from rock star Roger Daltrey and ex-heavyweightchamp, Lennox Lewis.

Also onNordisk's slate is Danish Oscar selection Adams Apples, an audience award winner at severalfestivals. Adams Apples has now been munched up by France (Europacorp), Italy(Teodora Film), Brazil (Broadway Filmes) , Poland (Kino Swiat) Iceland (Sena),Thailand and Malaysia (Pacific). Various other territories, including Germany,are in negotiations.