Warner Bros' The Last Samurai added an estimated $8.4m with 1.4madmissions from 3,361 screens in 57 territories at the weekend for a $310.6minternational running total.

This makes the Japan-set epic the third biggest R-rated picture ofall time, the second biggest Tom Cruise title ever behind Mission Impossible2 and fourth in theWarner Bros pantheon behind Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter And The Chamber OfSecrets and TheMatrix Reloaded.

In Japan The Last Samurai added $1.5m in its 12th week for a staggering $115mcumulative score and is the all-time biggest R-rated release there, as well asthe 11th biggest industry grosser, the biggest ever Cruise release and thedistributor's third biggest in Japan behind the first two Harry Potter episodes.

The romantic comedy Something's Gotta Give grossed $12.9m for Warner from roughly3,125 screens in 30 territories for $60.2m.

It opened top in Singapore on $208,500 from 24 screens and secondin Thailand on $105,000 from 35.

Something's Gotta Give stayed top in its second week in Germany, dropping 14% andadding $3.2m from 623 prints for $8.3m. It fell one place to second in itssecond week in Spain on $1.4m from 231 screens, slipping 22% for a $3.7m totalthere.

In the UK in itsthird week it dropped 29% and added $1.5m form 357 sites for $8.7m. France fell22% for a $5.1m total in its third week and Italy added $1.3m from 285 screensfor $5.7m after the same amount of time.