The San Sebastian InternationalFilm Festival (September 15-24) has unveiled four Spanish titles set to competefor this year's Golden Shell.

Sud Express by Chema de la Pena, Malas Temporadas by Manuel Martin Cuenca and Alberto Rodriguez'sToronto-bound 7 Virgins will joinMonxto Armendariz's opening title Obaba atSpain's premiere festival.

They will be joined by twohigh-profile Spanish co-productions; the highly-anticipated $2.8mArgentinean-Spanish-French El Aura,directed by Nine Queens' Fabien Bielenskyand La Vida Perra De Juanita Narboni byMorocco's Farida Benlyazid.

Apart from veteran directorArmendariz, San Sebastian is leaning towards young, Spanish talent this year:de la Pena, Cuenca and Velazquez are all in the official competition for the firsttime, although some of their previous titles have appeared in the Zabaltegiselection. The oldest director is aged 41.

Sud Express is set on a train between Paris and Lisbon, with 70people, five languages and 19 cities represented in an episodic plot; MalasTemporadas stars Javier Camara, LeonorWatling and Nathalie Poza in the latest from the director of La Flaqueza delBolchevique; while 7 Virgins, starring Juan Jose Ballesta, is about a teenager on a48-hour pass from a remand home.

The Aura meanwhile reunites Bielinsky with his Nine Queens star Ricardo Darin and was picked up Celluliod Dreams inadvance of this year's Cannes Film Festival. La Vida Perra De JuanitaNarboni is from Moroccan director FaridaBenlyazid and is another adaptation of Tangiers-based writer Angel Vazquez'sbook.