In San Sebastian 's Films In Progress section, Guatemalan youth drama Gasolina by Julio Hernandez Cordon has won three of the five awards, including the top industry prize.

Films in Progress provides completion funding for projects from rising Latin American talents hoping to make a name for themselves on the international circuit.

A Melindrosa Films and Buena Onda Films production, Gasolina tells the story of three young guys who travel on a journey without course and low on petrol, only to find their friendships tested by treason and deceit.

The film won the industry award, which provides Cordon with 35mm image and sound material from Kodak; a 35mm copy of the film from Spain's Technicolor; Dolby digital mixing from Estudios EXA; image post-production from Molinare Madrid; sound editing from No Problem Sonido; subtitles from Titra Film and post-production coordination from MediaPro.

It also won the Casa De America award, which provides $14,000 towards post production, and the CICAE award, which will help get the film distributed in France.

'It is an honour to have my film at San Sebastian and I hope to now have the editing and sound completed as soon as possible,' Cordon told

The winners of the TVE award, which allow the films to be broadcast on the Spanish television station, are Federico Veiroj's adolescent drama Acne (Uruguay-Argentina-Spain-Mexico) and Werner Schumann's Sol Na Neblina, a moving film from Brazil about a man who strikes up a relationship with a young victim of prostitution and underage trafficking. The final Signis award was given to Fernando Diaz's Argentinean film La Extranjera which will receive $25,000 towards post production.

All of last year's winners have returned to San Sebastian this year with their completed films showing in the Horizontes Latinos section of the festival.