Peruvian director Josue Mendez was the big winner at this year's Fribourg International Film Festival, picking up four awards including the International Jury's Regard D'Or for his Dias De Santiago.

The Jury, under Argentine filmmaker Eliseo Subiela, unanimously recognised "the cinematographic quality of this first work as well as the actor's performance." Dias De Santiago also received the EXCHANGE Award conferred by the Youth Jury, the Ecumenical Jury, and the FIPRESCI Jury Award.

A Special Award was also given by the International Jury to Argentine director Raul Perrone's film La Mecha, while thE International Federation of Film Societies gave their Don Quixote Award to Alf Chahr by Faouzi Bensaidi of Morocco, and the Audience Award went to Spanish filmmaker Pedro Perez Rosado's Cuentos De La Guerra Saharaui.

Meanwhile, the Documentary Jury gave their prize to South Korean female director Kim Mi-Re for Nodongjda Anida.

This year's festival attracted 28,000 admissions, more than 1,000 more than the 2003 event.