Universal's Forgetting Sarah Marshall led the international market through UPI thanks to an estimated $7m haul from 1,000 sites in nine territories.

The three-day result elevates the comedy's early running total to $9.3m and was driven by an excellent number one UK launch on $4.1m from 393 for producer Judd Apatow's biggest opening in the territory.

Sarah Marshall held firm at the top in its second weekend in Australia as $1.6m from 210 raised the cumulative total to $4m. The film will roll out in the next several months and is certain to lose its pole position next weekend when Paramount Pictures International (PPI) unleashes Iron Man around the globe.

Step Up 2 The Streets added $1.3m from 672 sites in five Universal territories and stands at $36.5m. The dance drama has generated $3.8m in France, $20.2m in the UK and $8.1m in Australia.

Leatherheads grossed $1.1m from 415 in seven for $6.2m. The screwball comedy opened in seventh place in France on $560,000. Romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe raised its tally by $1m from 580 in 25 to $18.6m and opened in fourth place in Brazil on $250,000.

Drama The Other Boleyn Girl stands at $31m and launched in its final market of Italy in fifth place on $640,000 from 81, while the children's adventure Nim's Island added $906,000 from 237 UPI sites in Australia and New Zealand for $5m. The film opens in the UK next weekend.

The hitman comedy In Bruges added $810,000 from 259 in the UK for $7m. UPI also holds rights in Belgium and the Netherlands and Spain and will launch in those territories in the summer. The cyber-thriller Untraceable, which UPI holds in nine territories, grossed $800,000 from 509 in six for $9.7m. It launched in eighth place in Australia on $480,000 from 122.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) drama 21 reached $30.7m thanks to a $6.2m haul from 1,775 screens in 28 markets and opened top in Venezuela on $145,000 from 30 screens.

The UK led the holdovers on $1.1m from 340 to rank third on $8.8m. The card counting story added $930,000 from 251 in Italy to rank third on $2.6m and $900,000 from 277 in Russia for $3.9m.

21 ranks second or third in Germany after three weekends and added $840,000 from 302 for $5.1m, and it ranks fourth in Spain after the same amount of time following a $670,000 three-day haul from 255 raised the tally to $4.7m. It ranks top in Sweden and Belgium on $985,000 and $565,000, respectively.

Fox International's children's tale Horton Hears A Who! added $6.2m from approximately 5,100 screens in 45 markets for $127.2m.

The film added $1.8m from 688 in the fourth weekend in France for $14.4m, and $953,357 from 546 in the second weekend in Italy for $2.8m. Germany has amassed $13.4m after seven weekends, Australia stands at $10.5m after six and Brazil has generated $4.9m after seven.

Street Kings added $6.1m from approximately 2,650 screens in 45 markets for $19.9m, powered by a number one launch in Spain that delivered $1.1m from 300 and a second weekend number one hold in Mexico on $539,529 from 301 for $1.7m

The comedy Meet The Spartans added $3.2m from approximately 700 screens in 18 territories for $42.8m and launched at number one in Italy on $2.3m from 289. 27 Dresses grossed $1.7m from roughly 600 in 10 for $70.1m through Fox International; the romantic comedy opened in France on $1.2m from 230.

Horror movie Shutter added $1.4m for $12.2m, the thriller Deception launched day-and-date with North America in Australia in fifth place on $574,000 from 110 and the political drama Lions For Lambs stands at $45.2m.

The comedy Juno has reached $82.3m, sci-fi romp Jumper stands at $132.2m and The Darjeeling Limited has grossed $19.7m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's treasure seeker adventure title Fool's Gold plundered a further $5.1m from approximately 1,600 screens in 40 markets for $26.5m, fired up by a $1.1m Spanish debut on 272 screens that finished in second place.

The film launched in second place in Germany on $962,000 from 255 and opened in Italy on $668,000 from 236. The second weekend in the UK generated $891,000 from 397 venues.

10,000 BC grossed $2.2m from more than 1,650 screens in 52 markets for $164.5m and clearly impressed Japanese audiences heading into Golden Week with a $1.6m launch from 468 screens that ranked third.

Paramount's fantasy tale The Spiderwick Chronicles grossed $4.4m from 2,796 sites in 64 territories through PPI for $81m. The film opened in Japan on $1m from 350 sites. Elsewhere the largest contribution came from France where the film grossed $1m from 457 screens in its second weekend for $4.1m.

Monster movie Cloverfield added $625,000 from 234 sites in its third weekend in Japan and has reached $9.5m. The international running total stands at $87.7m. The crime thriller No Country for Old Men grossed $380,000 from 523 venues in 58 territories for $84.7m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's German pick-up Sommer remained at number one across German-speaking Europe as $1.3m raised the tally to $4.3m. Warm weather in Germany caused the film to drop 42%.

The Game Plan added $1.1m for $52.3m, while Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Concert Tour 3D scored the biggest 3D release of all time in Brazil as $128,000 from seven sites produced an $18,285 per-site average. Overall the film grossed $280,000 at the weekend and stands at $4.1m.