Sarajevo Film Festival's Talent Campus project Sarajevo City of Film has selected five low-budget short film projects for the new initiative from the Bosnian Government and its Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Participants of the first Talent Campus, held during the 13th edition of the festival in August 2007, applied for grants as production teams made up of three core members: director, producer and actor. The only conditions were that at least two members of the team come from different countries and that the films deal with Sarajevo as their prime theme, as well to shoot the films in the city. The purpose of the project is to encourage collaboration of young artists from the region and create a network for future film-makers.

The five projects were selected by the jury consisted of Izeta Gradjevic, the creative director of SFF; Dorothee Wenner, director of the Berlinale Talent Campus; Amra Baksic Camo, head of the festival's co-production market CineLink; and Elma Tataragic, selector of the SFF competition programme.

The projects are:

Alena's Journey
Director: Karoly Ujj- Meszaros, Hungary
Producer: Csanad Darvas, Hungary
Actor: Boris Ler, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Grant: $15,230 (Euros 10,000)

The Roof
Director: Matija Debeljuh, Croatia
Producer: Antoneta Kusijanovic, Croatia
Actor: Adnan Haskovic, Bosnia - Herzegovina
Grant: $11,425 (Euros 7,500)

Sarajevo Spring
Director: Nikolina Baric, Croatia
Producer: Sehad Cehic, Montenegro
Actress: Erifili Stefanidou, Greece
Grant: $15,230 (Euros 10,000)

See You In Sarajevo
Director: Vanja Svilicic, Croatia
Producer: Sinisa Juricic, Croatia
Actress: Manca Dorrer, Slovenia
Grant: $15,230 (Euros 10,000)

Director: Alen Drljevic, Bosnia - Herzegovina
Producer: Tiha Gudac, Croatia
Actress: Alena Dzebo, Bosnia - Herzegovina
Grant: $15,230 (Euros 10,000)

Work on the projects will begin this spring in Sarajevo, and the finished films will be presented at the second Talent Campus, scheduled during the 14th Sarajevo Film Festival (Aug 15-23).