Anita and Fred have been married for 50 years and are still very much in love. Fred’s illness bringssome surprising changes in their lives

Prod companiesunafilm, Dschoint Ventschr (Switz)

Backers: Filmstiftung NRW, BKM, DFFF, Zürcher Filmstiftung, Eurimages in association with WDR, ARTE and SF

Producers:Titus Kreyenberg, Karin Koch

Dist (Ger): farbfilm verleih

Director: Sophie Heldman

Screenplay: Sophie Heldman

DoP: Christina A. Maier

Production Design:Martina Brünner

Cast: Senta Berger, Bruno Ganz, Barnaby Metschurat, Leonie Benesch

Locations: Düsseldorf, Cologne

Shooting fromApril to June 2009

Contact: ZOOM Medienfabrik, Felix Neunzerling, (49) 30 3150 6868

Status: Post-Production