Scary Movie 3 enjoyed a massive $7.4m number one bow in Germany on626 screens through Buena Vista International (BVI) at the weekend for thebiggest release of the year there so far this year.

It was also the biggest everbow opening for a Miramax production and contributed to a $12m weekend haulfrom BVI markets, raising the picture's international running total in thosemarkets to $44.7m.

Cold Mountain took $8.4m from all markets including France,raising its cumulative score to $47.3m.

Brother Bear added $5.8m at the weekend for an $87.7m runningtotal, adding $2.5m in its fifth weekend in France for a mighty $20.9mcumulative score there.

It remained top for thefourth weekend in a row in Sweden, adding $486,000 for $4.3m.

The Haunted Mansion grossed $1.4m in its third weekend in the UK, whereit ranked second and has amassed $12.1m. Overall the comedy took $4.8m for a$50m international running total.