ElizabethKarlsen's Number 9 Films has reteamed with Christine Vachon's Killer Films toproduce The Lonely Doll, which will be directed by Julian Schnabel (BeforeNight Falls, Basquiat).

The film, writtenby Carl Lund, is based on the life story of Dare Wright, the beautiful andeccentric author and photographer of the best-selling Lonely Dollchildren's books.

The picture willfocus on the extremely close relationship between the childlike Dare Wright andher mother, a well-known portrait artist and single mother in the 1950's.

Number 9 andKiller Films recently co-produced the upcoming HBO release, Mrs Harris.

Karlsen willproduce with Killer's Vachon, Pamela Koffler and Jocelyn Hayes. Schnabel willbring his Before Night Falls producer, John Kilik, on board with Number 9 andKiller.

John Wells,Stephen Woolley, and Paul White will serve as executive producers.

Number 9 optionedDare Wright's life rights from Brook Ashley, the sole heir and executor of theDare Wright Estate, while Killer simultaneously optioned the rights to JeanNathan's best-selling book, "The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll: The Searchfor Dare Wright."

The film'sdevelopment is being financed through Number 9 Films' Superslate deal with theUK Film Council's Development Fund and its investor partners FilmFour, InTandemand the Irish Film Board.

Shooting isscheduled to start in the summer of 2006 and will take place in New York andthe UK.