Powered bystrong holds in parts of Europe and Latin America, Scooby-Doo 2: MonstersUnleashed grossed anestimated $15m at the weekend to raise its international running total to$44.2m.

The familysequel, which is distributed through Warner Bros Pictures International, stayedtop in its second weekends in the UK and Mexico on $4.2m for $16.5m and $1.2mfor $5.6m respectively.

In the UK, thesecond weekend hold at the top beat off highly touted newcomers Shaun Of TheDead from UIP and 50First Dates fromColumbia TriStar which came in second and third respectively.

The pictureopened in France on $2.7m from 583 screens, roughly 22% below the 2002 originalfor an unconfirmed ranking.

In Spain Scooby slipped 12% in its second week on $954,000for $2.8m, while Brazil and Argentina produced $736,600 from 275 for $2.1m andan outstanding $279,000 from 60 for $629,000 respectively.

Scooby fell 12% and added $906,600 in its second weekend inAustralia to raise its total there to $2.5m.

Due to theEaster holidays running through Monday in several markets final figures willnot be available until Tuesday (13).

The thriller TakingLives added $2.8m with494,250 admissions from 1,166 screens in 16 markets for an $8.7m internationalrunning total that includes Village Roadshow markets.

Upcoming majorreleases include Australia and Korea on Apr 15 and Mexico a day later.

The romanticcomedy Something's Gotta Give grossed $2.3m from 53 markets for $130m. It fell 22% in its thirdweekend in Japan for a $6m running total.