Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed lapped up an estimated $11.2m at theweekend, raising its international running total to $65m.

The highlight was a first place $2.8m hold from 490 screens in itsthird weekend in the UK for a $23.5m running total there and an unconfirmedthird place in Italy on $1.2m from 300 screens, which performed 33% better thanthe 2002 original.

The Warner Bros Pictures International release added $1.9m from594 in its second weekend in France for a $5.1m running total and anunconfirmed rank, while the third weekend in Mexico held on to top spot on$722,000 for $7.3m.

Scooby added $1.7m from the Asia-Pacificregion, however the studio did not release individual territory performances.