Scooby-Doo 2 passed $80m at the international boxoffice at the weekend following an estimated $4.1m haul with 876,500 admissionsfrom 3,998 screens in 58 territories for Warner Bros.

Opening fifth in Russia on $139,000 from 108 screens andopening on $118,400 in Korea, the Warner Bros Pictures International releaseraised its international running total to $81.9m.

Latest territorytotals released by the distributor put the UK on $25.9m, Mexico on $8.9m, Franceon $8.5m and Brazil on $3.8m.

The serialkiller thriller Taking Lives added $4.3m at the weekend with 672,600 admissions from 1,905screens in 50 territories for a $23.7m cumulative score.

It opened thirdin Italy on $814,000 from 195 prints and grossed $1.4m in its first weekend inFrance, where it was the third-ranking picture in Paris with 63,754 admissionsfrom 36 screens.

The romantic comedy Something'sGotta Give has amassed $138.1m fromall its territories to date.