Martin Scorsese and Abbas Kiarostami will teach filmmakingworkshops in Morocco as part of an educational initiative between the TribecaFilm Institute and the Marrakech International Film Festival Foundation.

Sixteen Moroccan and New York film students will participate inthe Marrakech/Tribeca Filmmaker Exchange set to take place from Nov 6-20 inconjunction with the fifth Marrakech International Film Festival, which is setto run from Nov 11-19.

Scorsese and Kiarostami will be joined in the filmmaking workshopsby actor Jeffrey Wright, and eight more directors from the US and Morocco.

'Our goal is to provide this expanding community of youngfilmmakers with the training and experience they need to tell theirstories,' Tribeca partner Jane Rosenthal said.

'We are constantly seeking to bridge the gap between USfilmmakers and those in other parts of the world, which will lead to a greaterunity, understanding and respect amongst people of different cultures andbackgrounds.'

The Exchange isfunded by the US and Moroccan governments.