Scott Christian Sava and Animal Crackers Ltd are partnering with Beijing Wenhua Dongrun Investment Co and China Film Co Ltd on their animated feature Animal Crackers. Odin’s Eye handles international sales at AFM.

Sava’s Blue Dream Studios produces the story of a family that inherits a rundown circus and discovers a box of magical cookies. Sava and Tony Bancroft co-direct and Sava and Dean Lorey co-write.

“Wenhua Dongrun Co and China Film Co have been amazing,” said Sava. “Their full support and trust has been more than any creator can ask for. It has truly been a wonderful experience.”

Joining Sava on the producer roster are George Lee and Marcus Englefield from Storyoscopic Films, James Thomason and Leiming Guan.

The financiers are executive producer Mu Yedong on behalf of Wenhua Dongrun Investment Co, China Film Co. Ltd board chairman La Peikang and Sam Chi for Landmark Asia.

Harry Mok, Michael Favelle, Nathalie Martinez and Taylor Huang also serve as executive producers. The Chinese co-producers are Han Lei and Wu Panpan.

“We are thrilled to bring such a creatively excellent story to the big screen,” said Yedong. “To have such a funny and heartwarming story that so perfectly incorporates the very best of China and the West is truly a milestone for animation.”

“This is a movie that the whole family will enjoy and really has universal appeal,” added Chi.