Kleinman, a former general manager at the social gaming company Zynga, has come on board the new media marketing and distribution venture and will lead it in his capacity as chief business officer.

Stone Village Media (SVM) will explore new film and television content and explore online marketing and distribution channels for content with an eye on product placement. Kleinman and Steindorff said they had already established an in-house content incubator called The Bridge.

“We know the business is changing, and we want to jump ahead by innovating in development, production, marketing and distribution”, said Steindorff. “I want Stone Village Media to offer a bridge between Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

“Zynga’s 240m active monthly users show the potential for new content distribution outlets. Andy is a pioneer and is coming to Hollywood for the digital revolution. The migration from content distribution to content creation is happening now in digital media and we want to participate in this in a big way.”

“When you hear digital, most people talk about distribution, and how companies like Netflix and YouTube are changing the space,” Kleinman said. “Nobody talks about two key areas that are also changing and revolutionising the industry: content development and marketing.”

Kleinman’s first startup Emepe3.com was founded in 1998 and became one of the first digital music stores. He co-founded Vostu in 2007, one of the largest social gaming companies in Latin America.

Steindorff’s production company Stone Village produced The Lincoln Lawyer and he expects to announce new films in Cannes. The roster includes an adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s Russian fantasy novel The Master And Margarita.