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    2008 Review of the Year - What they said in 2008 - Quotes of the Year


    'Visual effects and animation dominate the movie-going experience like at no time in history.'Yair Landau, former president of Sony Pictures Digital, on the drive towards the cinema of spectacle (January)'A fundamental problem with film, from an investor's point of view, is the lack of visibility

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    Who is selling what: Cannes' sales slate stories


    The following stories about sales company slates will be frequently updated in the run-up to the Cannes market.The names of sales companies are in alphabetical order. Click on a story for more.Arclight Arsenal to pre-sell Gooding comedy Harold AWP picks u

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    Creature features


    Screen staff reporters identify forthcoming nature documentary projects.Animals In Love (Fr)Dir: Laurent CharbonnierFrench director Charbonnier, who was the DoP on the Oscar-nominated documentary Winged Migration, makes his directorial feature debut on the $10m Animals In Love, which explores

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    Cristian Mungiu, Coens get top votes from Screen's Cannes jury


    This year's Screen International Jury at Cannes has picked joint winners for the first time in its history. The panel of international critics, who scored each of the 22 films in competition on a scale from 4.0 (excellent) to zero (bad), gave top marks to Cristian Mungiu's Palme d'Or-winning 4

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    European film-makers debate digital future


    European policy-makers and film-makers will debate the future of film in a digital world at an event on Europe Day in Cannes (Saturday May 26).The event is a chance to consider the rapid changes that have been or will be brough about by new media developments.The challenges of a new digital age are

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    Cannes market buzz titles 2007


    From starry commercial films to projects from world-renowned auteurs, Screen previews some of the hot projects in the market at Cannes (May 16-27).Click on the regional links to the right

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    Cannes at 60: a celebration


    For six decades now the Cannes film festival has been at the epicentre of cinema. Screen's 60th celebration (below) looks at the enduring importance of Cannes and speaks to a range of Palme d

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    Cannes 2007: the line-up


    Screen International profiles this year's Cannes contenders - click on sales company name to be taken to relevant websiteIN COMPETITIONAlexandraDir: Alexander SokurovIn Competition for three consecutive years with Telets, Russian Ark and Father And Son, Sokurov returns to Cannes with Alexandra,

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    The view from 2007: 2006 box office trends


    The raw figures for the 2006 box office point to a widespread recovery. In the context of the last few years, however, it is perhaps more a case of steady advance than a big leap forward. That in itself may be exactly the kind of stability needed in a period of change. As we argued last year, the

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    Rotterdam to screen first feature shot on mobile phone


    The International Film Festival Rotterdam (January 24 january - February 4) is to premiere a 70-minute feature shot on mobile phone.Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me It Would Become This Bad In Afghanistan was filmed by Dutch filmmaker Cyrus Frisch using Sharp 902 and 903 mobile phone camera.It is the