Yannick Bossenmeyer c Cascade8

Source: Cascade8

Yannick Bossenmeyer

Blockframes is a new generation of revenue management tool aiming to help with the financing of films and series.

It has been created by Yannick Bossenmeyer, the CEO of France-based Cascade8, based on her own time-consuming experience as a producer at Logical Pictures Group, the parent company of Cascade8.

“On my first film, I had to systematically redo by hand the statements, because the software used generated significant errors,” she explaines. “The need to invent a tool that calculates accurately and quickly became irresistible.”

Private financiers are more in demand than ever to finance content due to fewer public funds, price pressure in international sales and a huge reduction in the value of the pre-sales market. They in turn demand demand more efficiency, transparency and speed, in rights and revenue management.

“That’s why we are supported by the CNC and the European Commission, who are both well aware of this issue,” says Bossenmeyer of the Blockframes tool, that is available to every stakeholder of a film or a series.

She is launching the first module of Blockframes dedicated to producers and financiers at the European Film Market this month.

“It calculates right,” says Bossenmeyer simply. “The producer can edit the statements in one click, and it builds more trust with financiers.

Indeed, waterfalls can be very complex. We collaborated with mathematics researchers to develop an algorithm capable of simply handling, creating, and tracking over time any waterfall. No longer excel sheets with the “don’t touch it” syndrome, when formulas are so complex you don’t dare touch them anymore.”

Artificial intelligence technology will also play an important part in Blockframes. “We are already preparing an even more effortless version thanks to Artificial Intelligence and automated data integration.”

Bossenmeyer says that iteration is on track to launch in summer 2004