Twofour54 and the Family Development Foundation launch films screenplay contest.

The UAE’s Family Development Foundation has launched its first contest hunting screenplays of short social films, in partnership with twofour54.

The competition has been put in place to highlight the importance of social values in the operations of the FDF, which works to strengthen the community. The FDF also sheds light on existing social issues experienced in all communities.  The competition will provide a film archive that specializes in social short films.

The competition is the first contest launched by the FDF and twofour54 within the Social Cinema Club. The deadline for submissions is Dec 31, 2014.

Khalid Khouri, head of twofour54 creative lab said: “We are constantly working to encourage and inspire our talented youth and we offer support to make their dreams come true. This competition not only serves that purpose in encouraging aspiring filmmakers to take part in a local cinematic experience, but it also helps bring awareness to social issues that exist in all communities.”

twofour54 creative lab, which supports budding media professionals through funding and enabling work facilities, will supervise the competition and will also head the selection of submissions and winners.

The scripts must address social issues such as divorce, family breakdowns, special needs or community cohesion.

Throughout the competition, the Cinema Club will connect young filmmakers and relevant entities within Abu Dhabi and UAE, and work on the promotion of films in cooperation with twofour54.

The competition is intended to help raise awareness around social issues in an innovative cinematic style and give creative young Emiratis an opportunity to showcase their work.

It also aims to motivate Emiratis to show their potential in script writing, directing and the production of social films, so that future talent can be discovered.

The FDF will mentor these innovators technically and artistically, and guide them in presenting their films.