Seabiscuit has become the biggest selling drama DVD of all timeaccording to Universal Studios Home Video (USHV), recording combined sales ofmore than 6.5million DVD and VHS units totaling more than $135m in four weeks.

The title got off to a greatstart when it went on release on Dec 16 last year, selling five million unitsin its first week.

'This horse hasdefinitely got legs,' USHV president Craig Kornblau said in a statement.'It's an amazing achievement for a dramatic title and we arethrilled at how well it continues to register with audiences.'

Kornblau added that theDecember corridor was deemed the best time for release considering itsproximity to Christmas and the fact that an estimated 17million households joinedthe DVD market last year.

The title's theatricalrun began in the US on Jul 25 last year and went on to gross $119.6m at the boxoffice.