The second edition of the Doha Tribeca Film Festival will take place form October 26-30 in Doha, Qatar.

Tribeca chief creative officer Geoff Gilmore and the festival’s executive director Amanda Palmer will focus on bringing more Arab titles into the programme and enhancing the educational initiatives.

This year there will be a juried Arab Film Competition for best Arab film and best Arab film-maker as well as two audience awards for best narrative film and documentary.

The two Arab film competition prizes and the pair of audience awards each carry a prize worth $100,000.

“The inaugural festival showed us that film can do more than just entertain; it can educate, inspire and unite communities,” Palmer said. “To that end we are already busy with our year round educational programmes which provide Qataris a platform to tell their stories to the world through the universal language of film.”

“Last year we were able to see first-hand and be a part of the enthusiastic vibrant film community in and around Qatar,” Gilmore said. “All throughout the festival people commented on the strength and quality of the Arab films; this lead us to add an Arab Filmmaking competition for the 2010 Festival to provide further support, awareness and audience development for Arab film-makers and firmly place these films on the centre stage.”

Palmer and Gilmore will lead the 2010 programming team of Palestinian film-maker Scandar Copti and Tribeca’s David Kwok and Genna Terranova.