Germany's Senator Entertainment and Odeon Film are planning to pull the plug on their respective internet businesses. In unrelated announcements, both blamed the difficult internet market.

Last autumn, Odeon gathered its internet activities into Odeon New Vision, but plans to sell some activities and close down the division within two months. The decision came after holding talks with leading internet players and partners from the technology and content fields about possible collaborations and the creation of joint ventures.

Odeon executive board spokesperson Andreas Pres said: "By this consistent and clear measure, Odeon Film is reacting to the generally difficult market situation in the internet sphere and will significantly reduce the share's risk profile. We do not tolerate permanent loss-makers in our business portfolio and had already reduced our internet expenditure compared to what was originally planned."

Meanwhile Senator Entertainment is to close down its New Media division and focus on the core areas of film production and distribution. Borris Brandt, who had been appointed last March as board member with responsibility for new media and music, is to leave the company, and its music activities will now be brought under the wing of the production division.