Senator Film has unveiled plans for two in-house productions and two co-productions this year, including new feature films by Achim Bornhak and Dennis Gansel, and an adaptation of Nick Greger's true story about his metamorphosis from one of Germany's leading right-wing extremists to an anti-Fascist.

In its financial report for 2007 published this week, the German producer-distributor announced that shooting is set for this autumn at locations in Germany and South Africa on an adaptation of Greger's 2005 book Verschenkte Jahre about how he radically changed his life from being a brutal Neonazi to an anti-Fascist after falling in love with a black woman on his arrival in Africa.

A second in-house production is the planned sequel of Achim Bornhak's 1997 film Die Nacht Der Naechte - School's Out which was written by Martin Ritzenhoff and included Oliver Broecker, Christian Naethe, Nicolas Romm, Stefanie Schmid and Rebecca Mosselmann in the cast. The new film entitled Klassentreffen (translated as Class Reunion) will again be written by Martin Ritzenhoff with Bornhak as director, and intends having the original cast members reprise their roles.

Bornhak was in the cinemas last year with the Warner Bros. release of 8 Miles High about the 60s super model Uschi Obermaier.

Meanwhile, production of one of Senator Film's two co-productions planned for 2008 is already underway with Anno Saul's mystery thriller The Door (Die Tuer), starring Mads Mikkelsen and Jessica Schwarz, with Wueste Film, which will wrap this month.

In addition, later this year will see the company co-producing a project with The Wave's Dennis Gansel described as the 'first German film with female vampires in Berlin.' Two projects are also in development with TV comedian Oliver Pocher and Til Schweiger.

Moreover, Senator Film's production label Autobahn is preparing the action thriller Contra for an autumn shoot.

According to the financial report, the group's revenues almost doubled year-on-year from 2006's $ 54.1m (Euros 34.7m) to $ 106.5m (Euros 68.3m) last year, with the forecast for the current financial year of at least $ 127.5m (Euros 85m).