Japan's Showgate has sold the hit 3D and live action film Paco And The Magical Book to Serenity Entertainment for Taiwan.

Directed by Tetsuya Nakashima (Kamikaze Girls, Memories Of Matsuko), the film has an all-star cast including Satoshi Tsumabuki (Dororo), Koji Yakusho (Babel), and Anna Tsuchiya (Sakuran, Kamikaze Girls) - who are in the end all turned into CG animation character animals.

Showgate also sold action film The Cycling Genius Is Coming! (Shakariki!) to AV Jet for Taiwan. Produced by Bill Kong (Hero), the high school cycling club film is based on hit manga author Masahito (Subaru) Soda's original.

Showgate has also done a raft of deals on its TV animations including Fist Of The North Star to Yamamoto for Italy and Mighty Media for Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan; and Casshern Sins to Odex in Singapore.