I Am Legend consolidated on last weekend's promising launch in Asia with seven new number one debuts through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) that contributed to an estimated $25.3m weekend haul from 15 markets.

The sci-fi horror adaptation currently stands at $54.3m and is well poised to build throughout the holiday season. Weekend business was led by $7.6m including previews in France on 607 prints, a sterling effort that claimed 44% market share of the top five.

The Will Smith starrer grossed $4.8m including previews in Spain on 442 to take 45% market share, as well as $1.3m from 95 in Holland, $1.28m in Belgium on 68 and $665,000 from 66 in Puerto Rico.

Strong holdovers played their part as I Am Legend grossed $3.2m from 424 in Japan where it ranked second in the second weekend and stands at $14m. In South Korea the film ranks second after $2.4m from 236 raised the tally to $11.1m.

I Am Legend launches in the UK on December 26, Australia on January 3, Germany on January 10, Italy on January 11, and Mexico and Brazil on January 18.

Beowulf has reached $105m thanks to a $2.2m haul from 2,100 prints in 58 markets. Latest figures put the UK on $14.5m, South Korea on $7.1m and Germany on $5.5m after six weekends, Russia on $8.4m, Mexico on $5.4m, Spain on $4.5m and France on $3.8m after five and Japan on $6.2m, Australia on $5.6m and Brazil on $3.5m after four.

Strong holds in the UK and Australia enabled Fred Claus to plunder $2.4m from 1,500 prints in 28 markets for a $22.8m international running total. The comedy added $1.28m from 421 venues its fourth weekend in the UK for $12.6m and took $171,000 from 190 prints in the sixth weekend din Australia for $3.6m.

New Line International's The Golden Compass soared past the $100m mark as a $23.9m haul raised the tally to $130m.

The biggest story of the weekend was the five-day launch in South Korea that generated $8m and included previews. The fantasy romp opens in Australia and New Zealand on December 26.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International launched National Treasure: Book Of Secrets day-and-date with North America on 2,055 screens in 17 territories. The film grossed $22.3m and opened number one in 15 of its territories.

Highlights were a $3.6m number one launch in Japan, $3.5m in South Korea and $2.5m in Taiwan, which is the fifth biggest December launch in the territory.

The adventure film opened at number one in Australia on $2.8m and generated $2.6m for second place in Spain. Singapore produced $1.4m, Hong Kong $800,000 and Thailand $1m. National Treasure: Book Of Secrets opens in Russia and Mexico next weekend.

Enchanted added $15m from 4,100 screens in 41 territories for approximately $70m. The UK held firm at number one and generated $4.7m in its second weekend and fell a mere 1% for $13.5m.

Fox International's children's film Alvin & The Chipmunks opened in 28 markets this weekend and took $13m from 3,500 screens in 38 markets overall for an early $15.5m tally.

The highlights were a number four $2.8m launch in the UK on 380 screens, a number one debut in Mexico on $1.7m from 500, $1.4m in South Korea on 205 and a number four debut in Germany on $1.3m from 475. Alvin opened in fourth place in Spain on $1.1m from 345 and in fifth place in France on $1.1m from 377.

Russian pick-up Ironiya Sudby 2 generated a suitably dominant $7.2m in its home country on an unprecedented 903 screens. The film is already poised to become one of the biggest local releases in history.

Hitman remains very active and the video game adaptation grossed $3.7m from 1,100 screens in 44 markets for $41.3m. The action title added $1.1m in Germany in its second weekend for $3.3m.

Lions For Lambs launched in Italy on $753,000 from 147 screens and overall the film has amassed $33.1m.

DreamWorks Animation's Bee Movie grossed $12.1m through PPI from 4,748 sites in 55 territories to raise the international running total to $78m.

The film opened in 11 territories including Italy, where it placed fifth on $1m from 301 venues, and Hong Kong, where $197,000 from 26 was good enough for fifth place.

In the second weekend Bee Movie added $2m from 437 in the UK for $8.3m, while $1.5m from 658 in France elevated the tally to $5.1m and $1.4m in Australia from 251 screens raised the total to $8.2m. A $1.1m gross from 612 sites in Germany raised the tally to $3.9m.

The Heartbreak Kid grossed $1.3m from 1,196 sites in 54 territories for an $85.8m running total.

Universal's historical drama Elizabeth: The Golden Age grossed an estimated $2.1m through UPI from 836 sites in 35 territories for $38.3m.

The film launched in eighth place in Germany on $800,000 from 353 venues and in eighth place in Austria on $100,000 from 48. It added $200,000 from 174 in the second weekend in France to rank 12th on $750,000. There are 19 territories to open over the next three months.

Crime saga American Gangster added $1.8m from 1,411 venues in 20 territories for $55.1m. Latest figures put Germany on $9.6m after six weekends and the UK on $19.1m after the same amount of time. There are 34 territories to go.

Atonement grossed $150,000 from holdovers in 175 locations in 10 territories for an early international total of $33m. The weighty awards contender launches in Australia on December 26 and Hong Kong on December 27, while the remaining 45 territories will debut early next year.

Lust, Caution ranks 10th in its second weekend in Spain on $900,000.

Sony Picture Releasing International did not report.