ArclightFilms has boarded the black comedy Sex And Death 101 starring Simon Baker and Winona Rider and comedy How ToRob A Bank starring Nick Stahl and ErikaChristensen.

Theprojects join Rawson Marshall Thurber's previously announced drama TheMysteries Of Pittsburgh starring SiennaMiller and Peter Sarsgaard as general manager Gary Hamilton ramps up his AFMsales slate.

SexAnd Death 101 is written and directed byDaniel Waters and centres on a businessman who receives an email purporting tolist the participants in his past and future sex life.

AvenuePictures' Cary Brokaw produced with Sandbar Pictures' Lizzie Friedman and GregLittle. Avenue's Aaron Craig Geller served as executive producer.

AndrewsJenkins wrote and directed How To Rob A Bank about a slacker and bank employee who get caught in ahold-up and are forced to negotiate a stand-down. Rick Lashbrook, Tim O'Hair,Darby Parker and Arthur M Sarkissian produced.

Genredivision Eastern Light Films will also have several new titles on offer tobuyers, including Guy Moshe and Guy Jacobsen's Cambodia-set child prostitutiondrama Holly.

ThuyNguyen, Ron Livingston, Virginie Ledoyen and Udo Kier star alongside the lateChris Penn in his final performance.

EasternLight's slate includes Soi Cheang's crime drama Dog Bite Dog about a renegade Cambodian police officer who hunts down adetermined killer.

MattChow and Szeto Kam Yuen co-wrote the screenplay and the picture stars EdisonChen and Sam Lee. Shin Yoneyama and Sam Leong produced and Junichi Matsushitaserved as executive producer.

TsukamotoShinya's The Nightmare Detectivefollows a Japanese investigator who tries to solve a double suicide and isforced to play a dangerous game with a man who is rumoured to manipulatedreams.

RyuheiMatsuda, Hitomi and Masanobu Ando star and Taku Ushiyama produced.