Warner Bros InternationalTelevision Distribution (WBITD) and the Nordic Video-On-Demand service SFAnytime have signed a long-term broadband VOD deal.

The agreement gives SFAnytime the right to offer current feature film releases no later than sixmonths after the DVD release, as well as a selection of library titles online.

As with WBITD's deal withTelecom Italia announced yesterday, content will be geo-filtered to ensure itis available to broadband customers in Nordic countries only [Sweden, Norway,Finland and Denmark] and then only for a 24-hour viewing period once the filmhas been accessed.

Titles include HarryPotter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Mystic River, Troy, The Last Samurai, and select library titles.

WBITD vice president ofsales Mickie Steinmann negotiated the deal.

"We are delighted to partnerwith Warner Bros, which has a long and strong history of delivering some of thestrongest features known," SF Anytime chief executive officer Johan Cramer,said in a statement.

"They will be one of our keypartners for a long time. With Warner Bros on board, we can push even harderfor the development of VOD in the Nordic Countries."

"As the technology for VODhas improved and broadband's penetration widens, the VOD platform has becomeincreasingly important for us, as has making a legal, legitimate platform foraccessing our films via the internet to the PC," WBITD president Jeffrey RSchlesinger added.

"We need to work withpartners that are reliable and can further the development and popularity ofthe VOD business and we're pleased that SF Anytime is one such partner inScandinavia."