Norwegian distributor SF Norge is considering suing Oslo Cinema managing director Ingeborg Moreaus Hansen after she launched a blistering attack on Liv Ullmann's latest picture Faithless in the Norwegian daily Dagsavisen.

Hansen describes Faithless as "banal and speculative" in an interview with the paper, and accuses Ullmann of making a "too private film about herself". She also draws parallels to Bergman and Kubrick, who she describes as "two intellectual geniuses who turned into dirty old pigs at the end of their career".

Hansen also slams Lars Von Trier's Dancer In The Dark, claiming that the film made her nauseous. "Maybe we should hand out puke bags for the audience," she deadpans.

SF Norge managing director Guttorm Petterson said he is considering a lawsuit against Hansen because the interview could damage Faithless' box office performance. "This interview ruins Faithless' marketing potential," Petterson said.

Ullmann responded: "I can't do anything but laugh when our host turns into a critic. We are all banal at some point, but I find it strange that someone call Faithless banal."

Hansen has been in the limelight previously, most notably when she criticised children's movie Fumblebody In A Cat-Astrophic Jam during its opening weekend last autumn. The film performed poorly at the Norwegian box office.