The 13th edition of the festival has revealed a 16-strong line-up for this year’s Golden Goblet.

Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) has revealed the competition line-up for the Golden Goblet and Asian New Talent awards.

The Golden Goblet will see 16 films compete from 16 territories, while the Asian New Talent Awards has ten contenders from seven countries.

The 13th edition of SIFF, which runs June 12 – 20, will also include a film market with two project sections. China Film Pitch and Catch will select eight Chinese projects and will introduce the film-makers to potential financers. The Co-FPC selects 27 Sino-foreign (partnerships between China and a foreign company from the region) also for financial assistance.

Selected projects include new films from Chinese film-maker Hou Yong and Korean film-maker Lee Myung-se. 

SIFF’s will also host several industry summits including a seminar on 3D development in Asia, which include a talk from Dean Yurke, who served as digital compositor on Avatar.

Director John Woo is heading this year’s Golden Goblet jury, which will also include Israeli film-maker Amos Gitai, US director Bill Guttentag and Japanese film-maker Youjirou Takita. 

There are five world premieres in the line-up: Paola Virzi’s La Prima Cosa Bella, Leo

Leo Pool’s The Last Escape, Masaru Shimomura’s Partners, Liu Jie’s Deep In The Clouds and Xue Xiaolu’s Ocean Heaven

Foreign films in competition are Neil Jordan’s Ondine, John and Kieran Carney’s Zonad, The Rowanberry Waltz, by Russian film-makers Alyona Semenova and Aleksandr Smirnov.

Meanwhile, the jury for the New Asian Talent competition, which is now in its fifth year, will be headed by Korean filmmaker Hur Jin-ho.

Golden Goblet Competition line-up:

Circuit, Xavier Ribera Perpina (Spain)

Czukor Show, Tamás Domotor (Hungry/Sweden) 

Deep In The Clouds, Jie Liu (China)

Detour, Sylvain Guy (Canada)

Kiss Me Again, Gabriele Muccino (Italy)

La Prima Cosa Bella, Paolo Virzi (Italy)

Ocean Heaven, Xiaolu Xue (China)

Ondine, Neil Jordan (Ireland)

Partners, Masaru Shimomura (Japan)

Pay Back, Tahmineh Milani (Iran)

Time Of Fear, Sergios Rezende (Brazil)

The Last Escape, Leo Pool (Canada)

The Rowanberry Waltz, Alyona Semenova, Alexander Smirnov (Russia)

Un-Authorized, Elia K Schneider (Venezuela/Columbia/Peru/Uruguay) 

Wedding Fever In Campobello, Neela Leana (Germany/Italy)

Zonad, John and Kieran Carney (Ireland)

Asian New Talent Awards line-up:

Cast Me If You Can, Atsushi Ogata (Japan)

Crossing The Mountain, Rui Yang (Japan)

Goodbye Mom, Gi-hun Jeong (Korea)

Lan, Wenli Jiang (China)

Red Dragonflies, Jiekai Liao (Singapore)

The Blue Mansion, Glen Goei (Singapore/Malaysia)                        

The Executioner, Jin-ho Choi (Korea)

The Legend Is Alive, Huynh Luu (Vietnam)

The Pawnshop, Milo Sogueco (Philippines)

Time Traveller, Masaaki Taniguchi (Japan)